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Miss You Cards

  • When do you send miss you greeting cards?

    Haven't seen your friends and family in a while? You wouldn't be the only one. Whether the events of the last two years have caused a temporary, yet far too long of a separation or you simply live thousands of miles apart from your childhood bestie -- you can send an I miss you card to those you care about and feel connected (if only just for a moment). And no, it doesn't have to have been a year or more since you've last seen someone to miss them. So, if there's anyone you miss -- whether it's because of distance or simply becuase life has made it impossible to get together lately -- it's a good time to send a miss you greeting card.


    First, sending I miss you cards nowadays has a bit more meaning and weight to it than say a text message or an Instagram DM. Sure you can hit reply to every Instagram story your college roommate posts about her daily workout routine, but it still won't quite be the same as sending her a real, hold-in-your-hand I miss you card. Everything we do is digital these days and we're big fans of technology making our lives easier here at Postable. However, this means when folks recieve those IRL greeting cards, it hits different. Your recipient will have a deeper sense of connection not only because it's something they can hold in their hands, but because they'll know that it took a bit more effort.

    Second, sending miss you cards is fun. Yup, we said it. Here at Postable sending greeting cards is less about licking stamps and more about browsing through the most delightful selection of cards you could possibly dream of (thanks to the world's greatist independent artists). Once you find that perfect miss you card that really tickles your fancy all you have to do is customize it to your heart's desire (go ahead, write them a heartfelt message or don't -- whatever makes you happy) and then Postable prints, addresses, and mails it directly to your recipient for you.
  • What do you write in a miss you card?

    The art of writing a greeting card is one we're all too familiar with given how many cards we send on the daily. But the main piece of advice is to follow your heart (or gut -- whichever fails to lead you astray). Basically, avoid overthinking this. It's a miss you card and all you've got to say is that you miss them... Everything else is icing.

    Some suggestions on what to write in your miss you card:

    • Reminisce on a shared memory (but make it brief since you've got limited space).
    • Tell them you're thinking about them.
    • Look forward optimistically and consider suggesting plans for a future meetup or even a FaceTime call.

    Those are just a few things you could add into your message, but remember to keep it sincere, personal, and brief.