Uttarakhand Maps of High quality (download as PDF)

Friends, whether you study history, geography, economics, environment or culture, maps are important. These are specially useful for preparation of Uttarakhand PCS. Viraj Study Circle brings you two very detailed maps of Uttarakhand. Here you can find details related to Uttarakhand history, culture, geography, population etc. within 2 pages.

Normally, you might get maps of low quality as images(an example below) which contain limited information. These cannot be zoomed to give you information about roads, passes, rivers, historical places, historical persons, population etc.

Uttarakhand Maps
Uttarakhand Map image: Low quality image does not help studies

Download Uttarakhand Maps

We have provided extremely detailed maps in the pdfs below. These not only contain geographical information, but also historical, cultural and demographic information. You can download the high quality pdfs of these maps from the links given below:-

These maps would be helpful, not only for Uttarakhand PCS pre and Main exams, but also for interview exams. These have data updated according to census 2011. Apart from PCS exams, it can be helpful for IAS interview, group C exams and also for research purposes.

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