UKPCS -UKPSC Pre GS quiz #77

Oracle IAS (Dehradun) brings you quiz for Uttarakhand PCS prelim exam (UKPCS- UKPSC ). This quiz is relevant for the general studies prelims exams conducted by UKPSC-UKPCS. The quiz is relevant for UKPCS-UKPSC lower prelims exams and UKPCS -UKPSC upper prelims exam. This quiz for UKPCS -UKPSC has 10 questions and should be done within 5 min.


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Hemant Bhatt
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#1 If 38 – 15 = 32 (coded) and 62 – 91 = 7 (coded) then 74 – 81 = (–) (coded)?

#2 Which number would replace the question mark in the following sequence : 2, 7, 14, 23, ?, 47

#3 If the average of m numbers is n2 and that of n numbers is m2, then the average of such m + n numbers is?

#4 If the word ‘MUMBAI’ is written as ‘KSKZYG’, then ‘CHENNAI’ is written as :

#5 If 2 = 5 (coded) 4 = 18 (coded) 6 = 39 (coded) then 10 = (–) (coded)?

#6 A candidate who scores 30% fails by 5 marks, while another who scores 40% gets 10 more marks than the minimum pass marks. The minimum marks required to pass are ?

#7 If ‘MAN’ is coded as 415, then ‘FIVE’ is coded as?

#8 If X > Y and X + Y > Z, what mathematical relation exists between Y and Z ?

#9 Introducing a man, a woman said, “His wife is the only daughter of my mother”. How is the woman related to the man ?

#10 A man can row 6 km./hr. in still water and the river is flowing at 4 km./hr. If the man takes 1-1/2 hrs to row a place and then back, how far is the place ?


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Hemant Bhatt
Latest posts by Hemant Bhatt (see all)

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