UKPCS -UKPSC Pre GS quiz #74

Oracle IAS (Dehradun) brings you quiz for Uttarakhand PCS prelim exam (UKPCS- UKPSC ). This quiz is relevant for the general studies prelims exams conducted by UKPSC-UKPCS. The quiz is relevant for UKPCS-UKPSC lower prelims exams and UKPCS -UKPSC upper prelims exam. This quiz for UKPCS -UKPSC has 10 questions and should be done within 5 min.




#1 Tehri State was merged in the Indian Union in the year ?

#2 One of the following statements regarding Uttarakhand is not true :

#3 One of the following Prime Ministers first made the declaration of Uttarakhand State :

#4 Till the creation of separate Garhwal Division, district Dehradun was a part of one of the following divisions :

#5 Which of the following plants is the source of Heroin (a narcotic drug) ?

#6 With which of the following objectives was Praja Mandal established in Dehradun ?

#7 The first political clan to rule Uttarakhand was ?

#8 The person who was famous as Garh Kesari?

#9 In which of the following periods Garhwal was ruled by Gurkhas ?

#10 Kumaon Regiment was established in the year?


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