UKPSC Pre GS quiz #48

Oracle IAS (Dehradun) brings you quiz for Uttarakhand PCS pre exam (UKPSC). This quiz is relevant for the general studies prelims exams conducted by UKPSC. The quiz is relevant for UKPCS lower prelims exams and UKPCS upper prelims exam. This quiz for UKPCS has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes


Hemant Bhatt
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Hemant Bhatt
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#1 Which one of the following agencies estimates the employment and unemployment in India ?

#2 The Right To Information Act, 2005 aims at

#3 According to Constitution of India the Upper House of State Legislature can be created or abolished by

#4 Which one of the following authorities is authorised by the Constitution to impose reasonable restrictions on Fundamental Rights ?

#5 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act was implemented in India in the year :

#6 According to Census-2011, which of the following states in India has higher sex-ratio than in Uttarakhand ?

#7 Among the following which one is the main source of energy, in Uttarakhand ?

#8 The fault line occurring at South of the Shiwalik ranges in Uttarakhand is known as

#9 The last king of ‘Tehri State’ was ?

#10 The capital of the Katyuri rulers was ?


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Hemant Bhatt
Latest posts by Hemant Bhatt (see all)

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