UKPCS GS Quiz #40

Oracle IAS (Dehradun) brings you quiz for Uttarakhand PCS pre exam (UKPCS). This quiz is relevant for the general studies prelims exams conducted by UKPSC. The quiz is relevant for UKPCS lower prelims exams and UKPCS upper prelims exam. This quiz for UKPCS has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes .


Well Done!


#1 Which of the following statements is not correct?

#2 What does ‘p’ represent in pH?

#3 Which of the following does not represent a refractive defect of vision?

#4 During dispersion of white light by the glass prism, which of the following light of the spectrum bends the most?

#5 Which of the following phenomena is responsible for twinkling of stars?

#6 ‘Chola and Dora’ are the popular traditional dress of which of the following tribes?

#7 Which of the following is not a freshwater ecosystem?

#8 Which of these is not an ecosystem service?

#9 Desert ecosystem are characterized by annul rainfall of less than:

#10 Which of these is not a factor threatening extinction of several species in India ?

#11 According to Paris agreement on climate change, the rise in average temperature of earth’s surface above pre-industrial levels should be limited to:


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