UKPCS GS Quiz #34

ORACLE IAS brings you quiz for Uttarakhand PCS pre exam(UKPCS). This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes. For any queries, please call 09997453844.


Well Done!


#1 Who was the Chief Justice of India when Public Interest litigation was introduced in the Indian Judicial system?

#2 Who Is the author of the book “The Accidental Prime Mlnister”?

#3 Mention the correct date of the last meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India.

#4 Which of the following CAN NOT be dissolved but abolished?

#5 When did the Government of India establish the independent Ministry for ‘Women and Child Development’ ?

#6 What can be the maximum representation from the Union Territories to the Lok Sabha?

#7 How many teams participated in FIFA World Cup organised in Russia 2018?

#8 In which of the following countries did Prime Minister Modi start ‘Ramayana Circuit’ 2018 ?

#9 According to United Nation’s E-Govemment Index, 2018 India ranks at which place?

#10 Which of the following States was in the news for the outbreak of Nipah virus disease in May-June, 2018 ?


For any queries, please call 09997453844.

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