UKPCS ACF Online Quiz #55

We hope your preparation for ACF is going smoothly.

This is our 55th Quiz. We hope it is helping you in preparation for ACF Pre exam. This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes. For any queries/CRASH COURSE/TEST SERIES, please call 09997453844




#1 Prices of total commodities produced and services within a country in, a given year, is known as :-

#2 Which of the following function is not related to RBI :-

#3 If the impact and incidence of tax is imposed on one and the same person, then it is known as:-

#4 When was “Special Economic Zone” (SEI) introduced?

#5 Data collected originally for an investigation is known as:-

#6 Who estimates the National Income data in India?

#7 Characteristics of a developing country are:-

#8 Disorder of which of the following organs, causes the disease-Diabetes in humans?

#9 Typhoid fever is an extremely serious infection of the gastrointestinal tract. It is caused by:-

#10 Presence of which hormone in the urine is the basis for the common test for pregnancy?

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