UKPCS ACF Online Quiz #50

We hope your preparation for ACF is going smoothly.

This is our 50th Quiz. We hope it is helping you in preparation for ACF Pre exam. This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes. For any queries/CRASH COURSE/TEST SERIES, please call 09997453844


Hemant Bhatt
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Hemant Bhatt
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#1 CPU stands for :-

#2 Information is defined as :-

#3 G U I stands for :-

#4 Noise pollution is measured in :-

#5 In which state the land slides are major problem?

#6 Which of the following is identified as most backward tribe in Uttarakhand?

#7 The name of the person who is the originator of ‘Save Childhood Movement’ and recipient of Nobel Prize for social work is :-

#8 Name the atmospheric layer that has following characteristics : I This layer extends to a height of about 440 km. II In this layer, temperature rises dramatically reaching upto 1480°C. III This is due the fact that the gas molecules in this layer absorb the X-rays and ultra- violet radiation of the sun. IV It protects Earth from meteors and satellites as its high temperature burns up nearly all the debris coming towards the earth.

#9 Which produce was not cultivated under Harappan Civilization?

#10 ‘Harshacharita’ was written by :-

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Hemant Bhatt
Latest posts by Hemant Bhatt (see all)

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