UKPCS ACF Online Quiz #49

We hope your preparation for ACF is going smoothly.

This is our 49th Quiz. We hope it is helping you in preparation for ACF Pre exam. This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 5 minutes. For any queries/CRASH COURSE/TEST SERIES, please call 09997453844


Hemant Bhatt
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Hemant Bhatt
Latest posts by Hemant Bhatt (see all)

#1 A solar cell unit is basically a :

#2 There is no atmosphere on the moon. It is because :-

#3 What is browser?

#4 Which coding scheme is used in computer to represent data internally?

#5 Which is a multi user, time-sharing operating system?

#6 What is RAM ?

#7 A public switching telephone network (PSTN) uses which switching technique?

#8 The memory management scheme that permits the physical address space of a process to non-contiguous space is called :-

#9 Which of the following is fastest memory?

#10 Firewall application is used for :-

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Hemant Bhatt
Latest posts by Hemant Bhatt (see all)

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