UKPCS ACF Online Quiz #35

We hope your preparation for ACF is going smoothly.

This is our 35th Quiz. We hope it is helping you in preparation for ACF Pre exam. This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 10 minutes. For any queries/CRASH COURSE/TEST SERIES, please call 09997453844


Well done!


#1 Ram’s income is 20% less than Shyam’s. How much is Shyam’s income more than Ram’s in percentage terms?

#2 The monthly salary of A,B and C are in the ratio 2: 3: 5. If C’s Monthly salary is Rs. 1,200 more than that of a, find B’s annual salary.

#3 In a town there are 94500 people. 2/9 of them are foreigners, 6400 are immigrants and the rest are natives. How many are natives? (

#4 Total salary of three persons A,B and C is Rs. 1,44,000. They spend 80%, 85% and 75% respectively. If their savings are in the ratio 8:9:20, find C’s salary.

#5 The population of a town is 155625. For ever 1000 males there are 1075 females. If 40% of the males and 24% of the females are literate, find the percentage of literacy in the town.

#6 10 sheep and 5 pigs were brought for Rs. 6,000. If the average price of a sheep is Rs. 450, find the average price of pig.

#7 Ram weighs 25 kg more than Shyam. Their combined weight is 325 kg. How much does Shyam weigh?

#8 Find out the wrong number in the series: 3,8,15,24,34,48,63

#9 What is the location value of 7 in the figure 9872590?

#10 Change 1/8 into percentage

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