UKPCS ACF Online Quiz #32

We hope your preparation for ACF is going smoothly. We at Oracle IAS conducted our first mock test for ACF on last Sunday for GS and Current Affairs portion.

This is our 32nd Quiz. We hope it is helping you in preparation for ACF Pre exam. This quiz has 10 questions and should be done within 05 minutes. For any queries/CRASH COURSE/TEST SERIES, please call 09997453844


Well done!


#1 Gassification and Pyrolysis are related to

#2 For effective photosynthesis, which color light is required

#3 FAME scheme is related to

#4 Kaleshwaram project is a

#5 Mission Kakatiya of Telangan is related to

#6 Who among the following has not won the Ramon Magsaysay prize

#7 Asgabeth Agreement is related to

#8 Which athlete is known as Dhing Express

#9 In terms of GDP, india is ranked at a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7

#10 Which one of the law is known as umbrella act for environment

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